Friday, May 10, 2013

Dark Elf Color Version~

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  1. Greetings: Chekydot Studio:
    I got your Hellhound picture and wanted to thank you for the fine work Winodo did on the Hellhound. I definitely want Winodo to work on the Dragons, in my novel, Shadow Dragon.
    I have portraits I’d like done for the main characters.
    Kim is the warrior and Hermes is the thief. Kim the brawn, Hermes the brains.
    I like Admira Red Sonya. I think it’s close to what Kim looks like. Her colors are yellow and green or red. In the beginning of the book she’s skinny and malnourished, but she fills out once Hermes takes her home.
    I think Admira would be good for Hermes portrait.
    For Pam, who we meet later in the book, I like Teddy women in the V white panties. I like that the that sexually is open and also subtle.
    Pam’s sensuality is like that women. Very open and yet a distant in some way. Some women are sexual, that is, they light up a room light a light bulb. And other women are attractive, like a magnet, they draw you in. This is the quality I’m looking for in Pam.
    Anyway, I thank your for your fine work on the Hellhound and look forward to hearing from you.
    If you want I can email you a copy of the book, but you must keep this document secret.
    Wade Coleman
    Bolder Colorado